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By purchasing a Deadly Weapons Protection insurance policy, your organization has taken the important step of ensuring that critical resources will be brought to bear in a timely way to help manage the aftermath of a critical incident, such as a shooting. 

Your deadly weapon insurer designed a risk management and crisis response program that accompanies your Deadly Weapon Protection insurance policy. This program provides support before, during and after a deadly weapon event. 

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In this video, we will cover an overview of the Beazley Deadly Weapons Protection insurance policy, the prevention services, the Beazley Deadly Weapons Protection portal, what is meant by the term “circumstance,” the crisis response services and how to notify of an incident. 

Use These
Risk Management Tools

Utilize these Risk Management Tools to benchmark and strengthen your Violence Protection Program.

Threat of Violence Questionnaire

Webinar Series

Deadly Weapon
Protection Portal

Violence Protection Program Training Series

CrisisRisk has developed a Critical Incident Response Training module that is intended to serve as an enhancement to your overall Violence Protection Program. Every employee needs to know what to do if an armed assailant threatens their environment. They also need to know about their physical environment before something happens. This training provides important guidance that you can share with your employees. 

This training will help prepare you to:
  • Respond to a threat of an active assailant in your workplace.
  • Provide you with what you need to know about your physical environment before something happens. 
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Circumstance Endorsement

Where a Circumstance Endorsement is part of your deadly weapons policy, insureds may contact CrisisRisk at any time there is a concern about an individual who may be on a path to violence or is exhibiting behaviors of concern. 

CrisisRisk is available 24/7 at 860-677-3790 to help assess their threat level and provide recommendations. If it is believed that the threat is imminent, call 9-1-1- before calling CrisisRisk.

Please make sure everyone on your team who needs this number is provided with the information. 

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Crisis Response to a Deadly Weapon Event

If a violence event has occurred, insureds have 24/7 access to CrisisRisk, the designated response firm in the policy. 

Response services may include: 

  • 24/7 Assistance from CrisisRisk 
  • Crisis Communications Support
  • Decision Making Support
  • Intelligence Monitoring
  • Investigation and Legal Support
  • Media Management
  • Reputation and Brand Protection 
  • Security Enhancement 
  • Threat of Violence Safety Assessment 
  • Victim Support/Coordination
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Case Studies

Download this Case Study PowerPoint and review the case studies in each section. 

Crisis Risk is available 24/7 at 860-677-3790

If you are dealing with an ongoing threat that could cause further injuries or death, call 911. After doing so, immediately call CrisisRisk at 1-860-377-3790. 

Tell the person who answers that this is an EMERGENCY and you will be connected in real-time with an experienced CrisisRisk professional. 

Immediate Deadly Weapon Event Response Goals

During our initial call(s), we will provide guidance and timing on the DECISIONS needed, ACTIONS to be taken, and WORDS to be communicated. 

We will also review the COMMON CRISIS ERRORS and TRAPS that leadership are vulnerable to. Some of you may be immediately confronted with the media. Do NOT speak to the media without first speaking with CrisisRisk. We will provide you specific guidance on any potential communications. 

Do you want to know how your violence protection program aligns with best practices?

CrisisRisk offers a Threat of Violence (TOV) Questionnaire and Threat of Violence (TOV) Survey to help benchmark the current level of preparedness of your organization related to the threat of violence.

The TOV Questionnaire offers an in-depth analysis of your organization’s enterprise Violence Protection Program. It requires a minimum of one hour to complete by an individual with an executive level understanding of the organization.

The TOV Survey is helpful to assess the level of preparedness at each location or subsidiary within your organization. It can be helpful in determining the level at which the enterprise-wide policies and plans are being implemented. It takes no more than a few minutes to complete.

Both the TOV Questionnaire and TOV Survey gather responses across several violence prevention/mitigation dimensions including:

• Program Framework (Policies, Plans, Procedures, Training)
• Security Controls (Access Controls, Alarms, Surveillance) 
• Incident Response (Evacuation, Lockdown, Lockout)
• People, Policies, Procedures (Hiring Practices, Weapons, Harassment and Bullying) 
• Behavioral Risk (Awareness Training, Anonymous Reporting Capabilities)

After completing the Threat of Violence Questionnaire, CrisisRisk generates a report for the Risk Manager or Executive Sponsor of the named insured on the policy related to the enterprise Violence Protection Program. A separate report will be prepared for the survey results. Prior to sending the written report(s), CrisisRisk will schedule a call with the named insured to review the results.

During the call, CrisisRisk will give high-level feedback regarding the answers received to the TOV Questionnaire and/or Survey, discuss the DRAFT Report CrisisRisk will be sending you, and answer any questions you may have. If a Survey was conducted, CrisisRisk would be happy to schedule a webinar for your participants who completed the Survey and walk them through findings and recommendations.

Please contact to access the Threat of Violence Questionnaire/Survey.