Companies are experts at “business as usual,”
our expertise is “business unusual”

Due Diligence, Inc. has redefined and expanded what due diligence is, who it’s for, and what it’s for. It’s for major decisions and moments that matter that you do not face every day yet are critical to the success of your company, including:

Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures

Directors & Officers
Risk Management
& Mitigation

Crisis Response

Technology & Enterprise

Critical Decision

Companies aren’t stupid, they are just fighting today’s D&O threats with yesterday’s thinking and tools!

Companies and Directors are smart, capable and experienced. They have great expertise built over many years in running and governing successful companies. They are good at “ business as usual” and addressing normal evolutions in their business environment. They are not generally good at “business unusual.”

They have neither the expertise nor the training to address many of the critical “moments that matter” when radical changes and new threats occur in and to their business. Unfortunately, the Directors and Officers (D&O) risk environment is changing radically and continuing to change in very adverse ways. Many of the experiences and learnings from the past in governing and managing companies are not as applicable in today’s D&O world. These historical perspectives and paradigms often drive wrong decisions and actions, with very severe consequences.


Due Diligence, Inc. Starts Where Other Diligence Stops

Due Diligence, Inc. has redefined what due diligence is, who it’s for, and what it’s for. It delivers much more than the limited, traditional due diligence you have seen. Next Generation Due Diligence provides informed decision making frameworks and tools, affordable for any size organization, and applicable to the critical challenges where “business as usual” management faces “business unusual” decisions.

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