Insurance Program Improvement

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What can CrisisRisk do for you?

CrisisRisk™ gives agents, brokers, insurance companies, reinsurers, captives, pool managers, and insurance buyers the ability to improve the quality and success of their program. We make programs better™. 

CrisisRisk provides its services through an extensive network of experienced insurance, reinsurance, legal, engineering and business professionals. Recognizing no organization can employ all the in-house expertise necessary to make all aspects of a program operate at a best practices level, CrisisRisk fills those gaps.

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What defines a great program?

At CrisisRisk, we believe that great programs are defined by control:

  • Control over the vulnerabilities and threats that cause losses and thereby frequency & severity of claim. 
  • Control over the perception of value by brokers and insureds which affects retention.
  • Control over the barriers to entry, determining the ability to increase volume while protecting your base. 

Why you are Better with Us™:

  • Frequency and severity reduction
  • Insured/agent/broker satisfaction
  • Insured retention
  • Compliance with Best Practices
  • Accelerated market penetration
  • Comprehensive risk reduction, and more

What we assist with:

  • New and existing program development or expansion
  • Underwriting guideline development and adaptation
  • Post-underwriting insured education and risk management
  • Marketing and sales support
  • Claims management
  • Many other areas that will lead to a better program
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How does CrisisRisk make programs better?

Crisis is defined by a loss of control. When an insured loses control in the aftermath of an occurrence, their DECISIONS, ACTIONS, and WORDS are suboptimal. That loss of control leads to a state of crisis, causing harm to critical assets—people, brand, reputation, key relationships with customers, employees, regulators and more.

CrisisRisk has developed on- ine tools, like its Certified CrisisCoordinator e-learning program and Virtual Crisis Response Advisor (VCRATM), which make these common crisis errors less likely, more predictable, and more manageable.

Incorporating CrisisRisk into an insurance program helps all parties in the transaction:

  • A reinsurer providing Crisis Advisory Services to the insureds of its cedants
  • An insurer providing these services directly to policy holders
  • A broker differentiating their services by providing something their competition can’t

The CrisisRisk suite of products and services makes programs better.

The CrisisRisk approach helps our partners gain market share and protect their base. By positioning our partners with a better approach to risk management, crisis management, underwriting, claims, and other enhancements, the program is better able to compete.

By providing insureds with a comprehensive risk and response program, with the least number of gaps in coverage, we assist insurance providers in retaining existing business and capturing new business. This creates barriers for competitors to enter their market or steal their business.

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We place tremendous value on existing relationships.

CrisisRisk will work with your existing agent and broker relationships. For new programs, we can assist in the identification and development of new production channels. CrisisRisk will ensure that the best services are provided for the benefit of the program partner to achieve their program goals. 

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CrisisRisk does not represent competing programs. We work exclusively with one program partner to ensure they are the leader in their speciality. 

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