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Firestorm is a member of the CrisisRisk family of companies and America’s CRISIS COACH®. Firestorm Solutions is a national leader in crisis management, crisis communications, crisis response, and consequence management. It is our significant hands-on crisis experience and PREDICT.PLAN.PERFORM.® methodology, deployed over hundreds of engagements, which enables us to achieve better outcomes for our clients.

Firestorm has responded to some of this nation’s largest and most complex critical incidents, ranging from the shootings at Virginia Tech to Hurricane Sandy. Firestorm empowers clients to manage crisis and risk through program development, insurance partnerships, and advisory services using the PREDICT.PLAN.PERFORM® methodology.

Firestorm has developed extensive intellectual property, processes, tools, and infrastructure to conduct risk assessments, develop plans, and manage crises.

In partnership with risk bearing entities, Firestorm delivers risk management and crisis management services to partner organizations and their insureds/members/clients to improve crisis outcomes while decreasing the frequency and severity of crises and claims.

Every Crisis is a Human Crisis

In the process of working with many organizations in crisis, Firestorm came to understand that “every crisis is a human crisis.” In order for an organization to perform at its highest level in the aftermath of an occurrence, everyone within the organization must understand their part and be prepared. The concept of building Disaster Ready People® is one that is at the heart of what Firestorm does.

Our Mission

To empower people to manage risk and crises.
We achieve this mission through our services and products that focus on establishing readiness before crisis strikes.


Our Team

Since our founding in 2005, Firestorm has adopted a philosophy of providing critical decision support services through our proven management consulting skills. Our Senior team brings unparalleled expertise in the delivery of our products and services.

  • Our team is built with senior-level staff who are accustomed to working with executives and first-line managers across all sizes of organizations, institutions, and companies. In addition, Firestorm expertise is enhanced by its Expert Council, which includes senior level experts from the public and private sectors who may participate in advisement to our clients, and whose thought leadership is integrated throughout the methodologies and approaches utilized on all projects.


  • Our team has significant practical experience in our defined areas of specialty and decades of executive leadership and management experience throughout multiple organizations. This management experience provides practical knowledge of challenges and best practices for driving maximum performance from teams.

    Together, these talented individuals bring a level of credibility and skill to risk and crisis which is unmatched by any other organization.

    It is this breadth and depth of Firestorm’s human capital that distinguishes Firestorm from other consulting firms. Firestorm staff and Expert Council are available to our partner organizations and their insureds, members, and clients at any moment, to prevent, mitigate and respond to any occurrence/crisis.

The Firestorm Approach is Based on the PREDICT. PLAN. PERFORM® Methodology

The PREDICT.PLAN.PERFORM. methodology is simple in concept, and one which invariably improves results when followed. When analyzing any situation, the first step which Firestorm recommends is that an organization or individual analyze their vulnerabilities and threats, as well as the opportunities which present. This predictive work allows detailed planning to follow which addresses as many of the concerns as possible. Execution of the plan should then result in the best outcome. Often, Firestorm displays this methodology in a circular fashion, as once performance has occurred, review of the outcome should result in new predictive results and adjustments to future plans.

This methodology is useful even in crisis situations where no previous predictive or planning work has occurred, and it has consistently produced exceptional results for clients in crisis.

Firestorm is America's CRISIS COACH®

Firestorm Solutions, LLC, is a national leader in crisis management, crisis communications, crisis public relations, crisis response, and consequence management. Firestorm principals have provided Critical Decision Support to clients in crisis for almost twenty years. These Crisis Coach® assignments are often high stress environments where management needs assistance as a result of an unexpected occurrence. It is exceedingly difficult in these situations for management to make the best possible decision, as they are often too close to the issue and are not following a disciplined approach to resolution. Firestorm can bring an objective viewpoint and a detailed understanding of crisis management to assist in these situations. This is Critical Decision Support.

In a crisis, a client needs a dispassionate third party to give direction. “Every crisis needs a general.” In a crisis, someone must assume the command role. In some situations, Firestorm provides critical decision advisory support to the general. In other cases, where the situation demands, Firestorm will actually take over the role of general.

It is our significant hands-on crisis experience and PREDICT.PLAN.PERFORM.® methodology over hundreds of engagements that enables us to achieve better outcomes for our clients.

Firestorm Insurance Strategy

Firestorm founders have extensive public company c-level insurance experience. Firestorm is uniquely positioned to support insureds, agents, brokers, and carriers with content marketing, insurance products and services to provide market/product differentiation, increase insurance sales and retention, reduce insured risk, lower policy losses related to both frequency and severity, and increase profitability.

The Firestorm insurance strategy is to identify target insured/client markets, leverage Firestorm capabilities to support insurance products to address these target client needs and promote those insurance products directly via content marketing to insureds, agents, and brokers. Firestorm first introduced the concept of Crisis as a Peril™ in 2015 at RIMS. Firestorm has designed a series of products to support insurers, reinsurers, brokers, and agents. The sample products are CRISIS STOP™, CRISIS STOP+, CRISIS COACH Insurance, and Behavioral Risk Threat Assessment Program (BERTHA®).

Firestorm provides insureds risk awareness, risk management, client preparedness education, access to preparedness and response plans, and crisis response services.


Firestorm has also developed a stand-alone CRISIS COACH® Insurance policy. This policy provides insureds with immediate 24/7 access to professional crisis managers – people who have managed significant issues, in real time. CRISIS COACH INSURANCE is designed to provide stabilization of critical events, critical decision support, crisis strategy design, crisis communications, predictive intelligence services, and crisis support services, coordinated to assist the insured in achieving the best crisis outcome.

The policy is designed to cover one specific peril, “business as unusual.” The insured defines the crisis circumstance. During a crisis event, the world changes from business as usual to business unusual. Most entities do not know what to do, they do not know what to say, they do not know who to reach out for when the crisis strikes. The policy includes coverage for Critical Decision Support from Firestorm. This is intentional, as each insured will need different services. Insureds do not want to pay for additional services they feel that they will never need. We could consider having add-on riders for specific services like counseling, funerals, investigation, legal, etc. on a policy-by-policy basis.

If you are an agent/broker, insurer, reinsurer or other risk-bearing entity and are interested in adding CRISIS COACH to your coverage offering, contact us at 800-321-2219.