Bad things happen to your members.

Local Government entities face escalating crisis events. Whether excessive use of force, First and Second Amendment Violations, sexual misconduct, racial discrimination, workplace violence, or other exposures, leadership is under attack intensified by failure to recognize or respond to emerging crisis circumstances or threats.

CRISISRisk™ has decades of successful hands-on crisis experience in the local government sector.

CRISISRisk’s CRISISCoach® provides immediate access to dozens of decision tools, resources, documents, plans, e-learning courses, certifications, and 24/7 live support to assist during each of the four crisis stages (BEFORE, IMMINENT, DURING, and AFTER).

Value Proposition

Proprietary Services

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CRISISRisk integrates its services with Underwriting and Claims. CRISISRisk assists in the development of and modifications to policy language, utilizing experienced-based analysis. This helps to drive program design, pricing, and profitability.

–  Geographic Exclusivity 

–  The CRISISRisk CRISISCoach Program reduces frequency and severity as well assuring insured member retention creating an immediate competitive advantage.

–  Insured member engagement and Insured member onboarding.

–  Circumstance engagement (pre-claim) at no cost to Pool or insured members.

–  Fast/immediate crisis experience-tested response available 24/7 for all member insureds.

–  No need for insureds to find and retain a crisis manager in a crisis event.

–  No hassle or delay in receiving crisis assistance.

–  24/7 ACCESS to CRISISRisk, tools and resources (CRISISCoordinator, VCRA, and CRISISAdvisor) at no additional cost for all insureds.

  • Access to pre-litigation legal
  • Agent/broker online program training
  • “Ask a crisis expert” – 24/7 online access for Insureds and members
  • Assessment tools for insureds and members
  • Automated Onboarding
  • Certified CrisisAdvisor™ e-learning program and certification
  • Certified CrisisCoordinator™ e-learning program and certification
  • Claim intact, support and response
  • Crisis ABC’s™
  • Custom client, insured, and member onboarding
  • DIY planning tools and toolkits, training: 553, workplace violence, crisis management, critical incident response, behavioral risks, opensource intelligence, sexual molestation
  • E-learning and recorded training: critical incident response, behaviors of concern, site assessments, crisis communications, crisis ABC’s, planning, open source intelligence
  • Live virtual 24 by 7 crisis advisory services for insureds/members
  • Member/insured survey and analysis
  • Planning tools – Crisis Playbook
  • Program analysis assessment, monitoring, and reports
  • Publications
  • Sales and marketing program support
  • Security site assessment program checklists (business and school)
  • Virtual Crisis Response Advisor™ (VCRA)
  • Address 4-Crisis Stages and guides DECISIONS, ACTIONS,WORDS
  • Webinars

“Jim Satterfield and CrisisRisk have been involved in many sensitive matters facing our public entity members and has been a valuable asset to our program as a whole and our members individually. With each engagement, clear direction and support from CrisisRisk has brought comfort and helped members restore control. CrisisRisk has always been readily available to help our members and have done a good job of following up after initial conversations.

Additionally, CrisisRisk has provided training programs to help members identify and manage crisis events. Jim has presented regularly to boards, administrators and elected officials and is always well received.”

Stan Deese

Director, Risk Management Services

“We have worked with Jim Satterfield and CrisisRisk since 2016 when we began to explore adding crisis response coverage to our members’ coverage agreements. Jim worked with us to craft the language, develop the service model, and market the value-added benefit to our membership.

CrisisRisk has provided crisis advisory services as well as crisis and communications training for our members since 2018. Working together, we have successfully deescalated multiple crisis threats and events, and our members greatly appreciate CrisisRisk’s guidance.”

Ashley H. Abercrombie, CPCU, ARM-P
Director of Property & Casualty Programs


“We contracted Jim Satterfield and CrisisRisk over five years ago and have continued each year to add benefits for our insureds. 

The Certified CrisisCoordinator program has been a great process/training to asset to our membership.   It provides a sound foundation to assist them in identifying/managing/reporting any incident that has the potential to turn into a crisis.  

Jim and CrisisRisk have worked with our claims and legal staff in resolution of the crisis exposures.  Jim and his team have provided valuable coaching to our members (Elected and non-elected officials) while in the midst of managing their own crisis.  

Whether excessive use of force, voting, racial, employment issues, media involvement or first amendment rights, Jim has guided our insureds successfully at each step along the way.”

Dan Beck
Director, Local Government Risk Management Services

“Very informative. Great class, made you think.”

“I work in communications, and this served as a very thorough refresher of crisis communications. Great content with both review material and new items to learn”

“Lots of information I would have never known.”
“Great! They will be very useful, I would think, in times of crisis — particularly, in helping craft the “alert” message to leadership so that they actually “hear” you. I wish I had had access to documents like these sooner–love the matrix!”

“Very detailed information that broke down the components of each important term and gave some great examples. It included a comical side with the animations & gave some real scenarios that people could relate to.”

“This course is relevant to my job and everyday life challenges.”

“Very applicable, particularly for local governments. This would be great required training for all elected officials.”

“I really enjoyed the curriculum and do feel like I learned a lot — in a very practical and applicable manner.”


Government entities face increased crisis events and the accompanying loss of control.   It is now vital that every team member be able to identify signs of potential crisis events and understand that if they see something they must say something.

In just a few minutes, The CRISISAwareness e-Learning module provides essential information and tools for every employee to teach them how to recognize the signs of a potential, impending crisis.


The Certified CRISISCoordinator e-Learning and certification have been designed to train a crisis coordinator in each member entity with the information needed to Recognize, Identify and Alert leadership before, imminent, during, and after a crisis.


The CRISISCoordinator curriculum’s 12 eLearning courses are based on years of crisis management experience and utilize learning objectives, animations, subject matter content, interactive decision questions, and quizzes.


The Certified CRISISAdvisor Curriculum trains a key person within the member’s organization to Understand circumstances prior to or duing a crisis, to Advise leadership as to what Decisions, Actions and Words are most appropriate and to provide ongoing support until control is restored.


Building upon the tools and documents in the CRISISRisk VCRA., the e-Learning curriculum mixes animations, text, images, voice-overs and quizzes.



Crisis is business unusual. The Virtual Crisis Response Advisor (VCRA™) becomes your CRISISCoach® to assist in maintaining control or recovering control. 

The VCRA guides the insured through the DECISIONS, ACTIONS, and WORDS needed in each of the 4-Crisis Stages.

First, select the Crisis Stage and Use:

 – BEFORE: Plans and training

 – IMMINENT: Prevent or mitigate an emerging crisis circumstance or threat

 – DURING: Restore control and reduce impacts

 – AFTER: Return to a new normal

Second, select the crisis exposure/risk that you face. The most common are listed as well as a generic choice.

Third, use the Menu to access resources, analysis, tools, plans, training, checklists, and 24/7 Live support targeted for your stage and exposure.