‘How to Instructional Guide’: The ‘How to Instructional Guide’ is designed to step you through a logical process toward development and implementation of your WVPP.

Inventory Checklist

‘Inventory Checklist-First Step Towards California SB 553 Compliance’: This Inventory Checklist will help you identify current policies, plans, procedures, and training that you already have in place related to what SB 553 requires.

Workplace Violence Prevention Plan Template

‘Workplace Violence Prevention Plan Template’: The Workplace Violence Prevention Plan (WVPP) template is intended to direct the prevention of and response to acts of violence within your organization/institution. It serves as a repository for information, activities, and tasks necessary for prevention and response to workplace violence.

The fundamental objective of a WVPP is to help detect and deal with incidents or threats thereof, quickly–before they can significantly impact your critical assets- people, property, brand, reputation, key relationships, thereby minimizing the damage to your organization/institutions.

This document rests on the Cal/OSHA Model Written Workplace Violence Prevention Plan for General Industry (Non-Healthcare Settings), which was designed by Cal/OSHA to help employers develop a separate, stand-alone WVPP. It was written for a broad spectrum of employers and includes language that may not match your exact needs. Firestorm includes all of the Cal/OSHA Model template sections and content. In addition, Firestorm has supplemented the Cal/OSHA template to include additional Section Headings and content that meets best-practices.

You will modify this template to suit your needs and environment. You will delete all content that you don’t want included in your WVPP. That said, you will leave in all content that is required by law. Be sure to have your legal representative review the document for compliance with Labor Code 6401.9 and any other applicable statutes and regulations that apply to your geographic location and industry.

Your final Workplace Violence Prevention Plan (WVPP) document will outline general principles, responsibilities and actions regarding your commitment to workplace violence prevention.

Workplace Violence Prevention Program Handbook Template

‘Employee Workplace Violence Prevention Program Handbook Template.’ The purpose of the Handbook is to openly address the issues surrounding employee workplace violence in an effort to prevent and effectively respond to such occurrences. The Handbook is written to provide knowledge and education to employees and seek their engagement with Employer’s workplace violence prevention initiatives. It contains key policies, procedures, and content as required by the California Labor Code 6401.9, the Cal/OSHA Model template, and Firestorm best-practices